The Railway Girls

by Maisie Thomas


The Railway Girls is a saga series about the brave women and girls who worked on Britain's railways in the Second World War. 


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Although each book in The Railway Girls series can be read as a stand-alone, obviously it makes sense to read them in order. In particular, I recommend that books 1 - 3 are read in order as there is a strong continuing story running from book to book.


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The Railway Girls


Manchester 1940


Under the threat of invasion, it will take strength and courage to rise to the challenge of working as railway girls …


Mabel is determined to make a fresh start as a railway girl, where no one will know the terrible thing she did and she can put her guilt behind her … Or is she just running away?


Meanwhile Joan will never be as good as her sister, or so her Gran keeps telling her. A new job as a station clerk could be just the ticket to forgetting her troubles at home.


And Dot is anxious to become a railway girl just like her dear mam – anything to feel she is supporting the sons she prays for every night …


The three women start off as strangers, but soon form an unbreakable bond that will see them through the hardships to come.

Secrets of the Railway Girls


Manchester 1940


As the war continues and secrets threaten to tear the railway girls apart, they will discover the true meaning of friendship.


Dot’s job on the railway transporting parcels gives her pride that she is doing her bit for the war effort, but a new friendship might cause problems.


Joan loves her boyfriend Bob dearly, but when tragedy strikes, her heart is torn apart and she is forced to make a decision that could hurt those she loves most.


Meanwhile Mabel has finally found a place to call home and her relationship seems to be going from strength to strength. However, the relentless bombing in the Christmas blitz is about to destroy everything she holds dear


Brought together by their work on Manchester’s railways, the three women find that with the support and encouragement of each other, they can get through even the most challenging of times.

The Railway Girls in Love


Manchester 1941


Love is in the air, and together the railway girls can overcome even the hardest of times.


Mabel has finally out the past behind her, and her relationship with the dashing Harry is stronger than ever. That is, until an old flame shows up, leaving Mabel questioning her future.


Meanwhile Joan has made amends with Bob – if only she could do the same with Gran. And there’s still that family mystery she wants the answer to, isn’t there?


As a mother and a grandmother, Dot has always put her family first. Her job as a parcels porter has brought new purpose to her life, so is it finally time to start following her heart?


Life as a railway girls is busy but, as war rages on and air raids disrut daily life, the women realise they need each other more than ever – especially when there might be wedding bells on the horizon …

Christmas with the Railway Girls


Manchester 1942


A New Year brings new hope for the railway girls.


Alison’s romance with the charming Dr Maitland is blossoming, but then she is posted away from Manchester. Working in a canteen isn’t part of her plan, nor is meeting her beau’s old girlfriend – one who just happens to want him back.


Things aren’t going too smoothly for Alison either. Her beloved boyfriend has yet to propose, but there’s a charity fundraiser dance and she’s dressed up specially. Surely, tonight must be the night.


Colette’s friends are envious of her devoted husband; he meets her after every shift on the railway, and accompanies her around town. But Colette has a secret that could change her life – if only she knew who to confide in.


With the festive season fast approaching, the railway girls are hoping for some Christmas magic …


Hope for the Railway Girls


Manchester 1942


A new year brings new hope for the railway girls.


Alison's romance with the charming Dr Maitland is blossoming, but then she is posted away from Manchester. Working in a canteen isn't part of her plan, nor is meeting her beau's old girlfriend - one who just happens to want him back.


Margaret is supportive of her friend's new relationship until she realises exactly who he is. Torn between keeping her secret and warning Alison, she turns to Joan for help.


Working in Lost Property wouldn't be Joan's first choice of job, but with a baby on the way she knows she can't continue being a station porter. As she looks to the future, can she put the troubles of her past behind her?

Being a railway girl isn't always easy but together, they can overcome every challenge that stands in their way.

A Christmas Miracle for the Railway Girls


Manchester, 1942.


There are surprises in store for the railway girls this festive season...

When Cordelia's daughter Emily falls for a young chap who doesn't meet the approval of her father, Cordelia is reminded of her own first love - a love that she has never forgotten.
Mabel is determined to get to the bottom of a spate of local burglaries. Her heart is in the right place as she sets out on a quest to clear her friend's name, but there will be unforeseen consequences.
It's nothing short of a miracle when Colette returns to Manchester. But it's not going to be easy for her to keep living the life she once knew, and an impossible situation lies ahead.
There will be more than one storm for the railway girls to weather but with the friendship and support of one another, there's hope that all will be well by Christmas...

Courage of the Railway Girls


Manchester, 1943


Emily is enjoying her new job as a station porter until she learns that a trusted friend at work may be involved in something underhand.


Persephone's romance with Matt is blossoming - but can two people from such different walks of life really make a go of it?


All is going well with wedding planning for Mabel until someone dilvulges a secret about Harry, which could threaten their happy future.


As war rages around them, the railway girls must face their own battles. With the support of one another, will they make the right decisions when it comes to matters of the heart?

Christmas Wishes for the Railway Girls


This will be a Christmas to remember for the railway girls. . .

Little Max is growing day by day and Joan is adjusting to her new life. But in her heart of hearts, she is desperate to return to work on the railways.

Margaret's job in the engine shed is demanding. But when a friend finds herself in crisis, she knows she must do everything she can to help her.

Alison is overjoyed at the prospect of organising a Christmas wedding until a long-held secret is revealed. Knowing the truth, can she find the strength to forgive those she holds most dear?

As war rages on, the railway girls must also battle with matters of the heart. Can they overcome their troubles in time for Christmas?

Springtime with the Railway Girls


Manchester, 1944

Alison is thriving in her rewarding role at the railways. But when family tragedy strikes, her world is turned upside down.

Persephone is struggling with matters of the heart. Can she muster up the courage to tell Matt how she truly feels?

Colette is slowly learning to embrace life again after she left Tony. But will he ever let her move on?

Join the railway girls as they journey through life, love and war.