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I am a saga writer living on the North Wales coast, but I am originally from Manchester, which is where my books are set.


I am delighted to introduce my 1920s saga series, The Surplus Girls.


I also write as Susanna Bavin and as Maisie Thomas. I am on Facebook as Maisie.

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At a book's proofreading stage, it is proofread by two people - the author and the professional proofreader. This is the last chance to pick up any errors. I've sent back my list of changes that need to be made and my editor has sent me a list of queries from the proofreader - places where she has asked a question or suggested a minor change for the sake of clarification. I now have to work my way through this list. This will be the final time the text is altered.



I love the cover of New Beginnings for the Surplus Girls. Isn't it gorgeous? I think it's beautiful and I hope you do too.




New Beginnings for the Surplus Girls - blurb and ordering information


Manchester, 1923: Jess Mason is determined to make her own way in the world. When she's appointed manager for Holly Lodge, a new home for old soldiers, she must convince the owner that she can run things just as well as any man - if not better.

To everyone around him, Tom Watson seems a cheerful and sociable man, but he has secretly vowed to go through life alone. However, when he takes on the renovation of Holly Lodge and meets Jess, the walls he has built around himself start to crumble.

As the opening of the new soldiers' home proves to be less than straightforward, Jess must fight tooth and nail to hold on to her precious new role. And with her affections for Tom growing stronger by each day, she can't help but wonder if there is room in her life for both love and the career she's always dreamt of.


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You can pre-order on Amazon by clicking here. The kindle costs £2.39 and the paperback is £7.99. If you pre-order and the pre-order price drops later on, you will be charged the lowest price.

Railway Girls News:


One of the strangest things that happens to you as a writer is when you look on Amazon and find the book you are still writing. It happened to me last week. Courage of the Railway Girls, written as Maisie Thomas, will be published next April and can be ordered already. It will be book 7 in the series. I suppose I'd better get on and get it finished, then!




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Over on my blog this week, you can see the dresses that the girls on the cover of Courage of the Railway Girls will be wearing.

If you are on Twitter, you may like to know that I have set up a new account for myself as Polly. Here it is - I hope you'll pop across and follow me. If you do, please say hello! (Just to avoid any confusion, yes I do still have the Susanna Bavin account on Twitter.)


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