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I am a saga writer living on the North Wales coast, but I am originally from Manchester, which is where my books are set.


I am delighted to introduce my new saga series, The Surplus Girls.


I also write as Susanna Bavin.



The Surplus Girls is now available in e-book and paperback.



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UK readers can also buy the book in Sainsbury's.


Latest News:


Wow! How's this for good news - The Surplus Girls is at number 3 in these three categories in the Amazon Kindle chart.


At the time of posting this, the UK Kindle price is just 98p, so you might like to grab a bargain. Click here.



Here is The Surplus Girls on the shelf in Sainsbury's. I'd like to say a huge thank you to the readers who have sent me shelfies, like this one.


The audiobook is read by Julia Franklin, who is also the reader for my Susanna bavin books.


You can request it from your public library on CD, MP3 and possibly as an e-book. Audible listeners can purchase it to add to their personal libraries. Click here.

The Surplus Girls has already featured on a Best Books list. Take a look here. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Here are my publication day flowers. Aren't they gorgeous? To find out more about publication day, click here to visit my blog.





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hHere is my article in Frost Magazine 

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To find out how two important characters in The Surplus Girls spent nearly 20 years flitting from book to book until they found their natural home in The Surplus Girls, click here to be taken to my Susanna Bavin blog.


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Who were the Surplus Girls? 

The Great War wiped out a generation of young men and left behind a generation of young women who faced a life without the probability of marriage, at a time when any girl left on the shelf rapidly became an old maid and no working woman could hope to earn what could be earned by a man, even by a man doing the same job. These were the ‘surplus girls’ – young women who had grown up assuming they would get married, but whose dreams and assumptions were dashed by the War; young women who, unexpectedly and without preparation, faced a lifetime of work and spinsterhood.