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I am a saga writer living on the North Wales coast, but I am originally from Manchester, which is where my books are set.


I am delighted to introduce my 1920s saga series, The Surplus Girls.


I also write as Susanna Bavin and as Maisie Thomas. I am on Facebook as Maisie.

Latest News:


As well as writing book 7 in The Railway Girls saga series, I've also been working on the second edits for book 4 in The Surplus Girls series. 'Second edits' is when the editor gives the book another read-through to look for final possible improvements before the book goes off to the copy-editor.


The Poor Relation is due to have its book-birthday on Monday 23rd May, so if you follow me on my Maisie Thomas Facebook page, do join me there because I'll be hosting a book giveaway with two prizes - one for a UK reader and one for an overseas reader.


I'll be introducing the giveaway on Monday 23rd, then the competition will open on Tuesday and run until Wednesday.

More News


It shouldn't be too long now before the cover of the fourth Surplus Girls book is finished and ready to share with you. Cherry blossom has been promised! I can't wait to have another lovely cover to add to this display of beauties!



If you haven't tried my Surplus Girls series yet, you may like to know that books 1 and 2, The Surplus Girls and The Surplus Girls' Orphans, are now both on Kindle Unlimited.




Also on Kindle Unlimited is The Deserter's Daughter. Set in 1920 in the aftermath of the Great War, this is the story of Carrie and her snobbish half-sister Evadne and what happens to them after the truth is revealed about Pa.



And A Respectable Woman is just £2.62 on Kindle.




After losing her beloved family in the Great War, Nell is grateful to marry Stan Hibbert, but five years on, she is just another back-street housewife, making every penny do the work of tuppence and performing miracles with scrag-end. When she discovers that Stan is leading a doube-life, she runs away to start a new life elsewhere.


Two years later, Nell has carved out a fulfilling new life for herself and her young children in Manchester, where her neighbours believe her to be a respectable widow, as do her fellow workers in the garment factory where she is a talented machinist - even her children believe their father is dead.


But the past is hard to hide from. Will she be able to keep her children or will her lies mean she will lose them for ever?


It may be springtime, but here are two Christmassy book bargains for you.




Christmas with the Railway Girls and the forthcoming A Christmas Miracle for the Railway Girls are 99p and £1.99 on Kindle respectively. You can find them both on this page.Just so you know, the price of Christmas with the Railway Girls will go up again on June 1st.

As well as writing as Susanna Bavin and Polly Heron, I am also the author behind the Maisie Thomas saga series about the Railway Girls. To find out more, please take a look at this blog on my Susanna website.


I have also written a blog about writing a series - or, in my case, two series! If you are a reader, I hope you will enjoy taking a look at the writing process. If you're a writer, maybe you'll find something that helps you. Here is the link.


And to see The Railway Girls books, please click on the Maisie Thomas tab in the menu.


If you are on Twitter, you may like to know that I have set up a new account for myself as Polly. Here it is - I hope you'll pop across and follow me. If you do, please say hello! (Just to avoid any confusion, yes I do still have the Susanna Bavin account on Twitter.)


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