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I am a saga writer living on the North Wales coast, but I am originally from Manchester, which is where my books are set.


I am delighted to introduce my saga series, The Surplus Girls.


I also write as Susanna Bavin.

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 Wonderful news

I've got some wonderful news to share with you - I've been sent the full wraparound cover of Christmas with the Surplus Girls. I love it and I hope you do too.




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The Surplus Girls is currently 99p on Amazon in a time-limited Kindle deal.


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Who were the Surplus Girls? 

The Great War wiped out a generation of young men and left behind a generation of young women who faced a life without the probability of marriage, at a time when any girl left on the shelf rapidly became an old maid and no working woman could hope to earn what could be earned by a man, even by a man doing the same job. These were the ‘surplus girls’ – young women who had grown up assuming they would get married, but whose dreams and assumptions were dashed by the War; young women who, unexpectedly and without preparation, faced a lifetime of work and spinsterhood.


What inspired the story behind The Surplus Girls?

When my dad was a boy, his mother used to take him every Saturday morning to visit his great-aunts, who were spinsters and who all lived together. From hearing about them when I was a child, I know he adored them. Strictly speaking, they weren’t surplus girls because they were a bit too old for that, but I was always fascinated by the thought of these sisters living together and supporting one another without the benefit of the kind of money a man could earn.


My Susanna Bavin books:


If you haven't read my Susanna books, The Deserter's Daughter, which was my first published novel, is available on Kindle Unlimited.


1920, Manchester. Carrie Jenkins is trying on her wedding dress, eagerly anticipating becoming Mrs Billy Shipton. But all too soon she is reeling from the news that her beloved father was shot for desertion during the Great War. When Carrie is jilted and she and her family are ostracised by the close-knit community, her plans and hopes for the future are in disarray.


Desperate to overcome her pain and humiliation, Carrie puts her faith in a man who is not to be trusted, and she will face danger and heartache before she can find the happiness she deserves.

A Respectable Woman


"Escaping the past is at the heart of this... The focus on historical and emotional authenticity will leave readers heartily satisfied."

Publishers Weekly review


"Complete with a jaw-dropping twist near the end, this is a well-crafted novel with a strong, compassionate lead character and a splendid sense of time and place."

Booklist review


The Sewing Room Girl


"This story is as much about English Northern grit as it is sewing... a narrative that whirrs along like a well-oiled treadle sewing machine... A strong illustrative examination of the greatest shame of all, those born out of wedlock in the late 19th century, runs throughout. Threads of love and loyalty constantly cross swords with hate and treachery... Just how she stitches together the attitude, strength and bravery it will take to transport her from village slops maid to pursuing her dream is a tale told well."

Historical Novel Society review

The Poor Relation


"The historical detail of the parallel between the have and have-nots are shown as this story of struggle, mystery and romance fascinates the reader. The fast-paced action is captivating. It starts and builds drama in a way that sweeps the reader’s empathy and interest along with it... This is a gripping, heart-warming story that builds conflicts of deepening complexity, reflecting the history of a very troubled pre-war era, involving a variety of engaging characters. It is definitely a recommended read for lovers of intriguing sagas."

Historical Novel Society review

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