Welcome to Polly Heron's website.


I am a saga writer living on the North Wales coast, but I am originally from Manchester, which is where my books are set.


I am delighted to introduce my 1920s saga series, The Surplus Girls.


I also write as Susanna Bavin and as Maisie Thomas. I am on Facebook as Maisie.

Latest News:


This week I've been working through the copy-edits of the fourth Surplus Girls book, New Beginnings for the Surplus Girls.


I've also been writing my letter to my readers to go in the back of the forthcoming Railway Girls book, A Christmas Miracle for the Railway Girls.


A Christmas Miracle for the Railway Girls can be pre-ordered on Kindle for £1.99.




If you are on Twitter, you may like to know that I have set up a new account for myself as Polly. Here it is - I hope you'll pop across and follow me. If you do, please say hello! (Just to avoid any confusion, yes I do still have the Susanna Bavin account on Twitter.)


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  Wonderful neh y special to sha* *

Here is a quick link for you to my Author Page on Amazon UK.